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Giclees on Canvas

Visit our Wonderful Collection of Giclee Canvas art!

Spicher Floorcloths

Visit our wonderful collection of Spicher Floorcloths!

Antique Prints

Visit our Wonderful Collection of Antique Prints!

Spicher Floorcloths

Visit our Wonderful Collection of Spicher Floorcloths!

Giclees On Canvas

Visit our Wonderful Collection of Giclee Canvas art!

Information For The Love of Art


What is a giclee and what makes ours so special?

Giclee is simply a fancy French word for “jet or spray.” Fine Art images are transferred to a high-quality canvas using archival inks that are “sprayed” on by a specialized machine. 

At Red Dog Master Prints, we handle literally every step of the process in-house; from photography to graphic layout to printing and finally coating with our own textural mediums. Oh, and WE are the artists creating the original paintings on offer in our Giclees section. The Red Dog works exclusively with Little River Artists.

Times vary, but please allow 2-3 weeks upon ordering for delivery.

Antique Prints

Why do folks collect ‘old stuff?’ Historical intrigue? Classical interest?

To honor and celebrate artisans that came before us? Yes, Yes, Yes. Red Dog Master Prints has archived over 500 original illustrations, engravings, and first publication prints. We don’t sell the originals because we wish to preserve them which means carefully curated, kept away from light sources, and handled sparingly.

We honor these works of art by bringing them to you in the form of giclee on the finest quality paper and printed with archival inks so that YOU can enjoy these historic images in your home for years to come. 

Spicher Vintage Vinyl Rugs

Now that you have Fine Art on your walls, consider putting it down on the floor.

Red Dog Master Prints celebrates the artistry and ingenuity of The Spicher company, located in PA. We are pleased to offer these fine floorcloths that we think you will love as much as we do.

Don’t see your favorite pattern here? We can help. Just open a chat or drop us a line. Floorcloths are printed by the Spicher company and drop-shipped directly to you, but perfection takes time. Please allow about six weeks.